What a child wears to school reflects his or her learning. It portrays the school’s ethos and shared positive values. There should be no variations to the listed uniform and all items should be purchased direct from our supplier, ZAKS ZaksStore.com

Additional information:

  • Information and updates about the new uniform will be posted on School Communicator and Al Rabeeh School website.
  • Please refer to the images and the listed options for each grade.
  • Please refer to ZAKS website ZaksStore.com and refer to the service details.
  • Plain black or white head coverings may be worn by girls in the older classes but these must be arranged in a secure manner so they do not slip or require continual adjustment.
  • Suitable, well-fitting shoes with fastenings should be worn to school. Pupils should be able to manage the shoes themselves. Shoes with laces are not advised.
  • On colder days, only red jackets purchased from ZAKS, with Al Rabeeh School logo, should be worn. An additional coat/jacket can be worn during the start/end of the school day and playtime.
  • Pupils are required to attend school wearing PE clothes on the days of Physical Education lessons.
  • Please clearly label all uniform items with your child”s name.

ZAKS Uniform List and Prices

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Al Rabeeh School Uniform Requirement List