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Student Leadership

At Al Rabeeh School we feel it is not only important to develop our students’ academic abilities, but we also aim to mould our pupils into life-long learners and leaders of tomorrow. The children are presented with a number of opportunities to take an active role in our student leadership teams including: Student Council, Eco-Council, House Captains, and Head Boy and Head Girl and their deputies.

These children have a very important role at Al Rabeeh School and make a number of key decisions in the development of the school, feedback thoughts of their peers to our Senior Leadership Team and Board of Trustees. They also support the school inorganising special theme days and events such as “National Day”, “Anti-Bullying Week” and “Pink Day for Cancer Awareness”.

Head Boy:

Hello, my name is Saeed. I have been in Al Rabeeh School from KG and now I am in Year 6 and am the Head Boy. I am very proud of myself for this. We are trying to work together to improve the school and make it even better. I am looking forward to the rest of the year.

Head Girl:

Hi, my name is Mariam Alzaabi and I am the Head Girl. I have been here since KG1. It is an honour for me to have this role. I am looking forward to making this school even better. I think I am good for this role because I’m kind to everyone, helpful and energetic. I deserve to be Head Girl because I can deal with problems in the school. I am looking forward to spending my last year in Al Rabeeh School with this important role.

Deputy Head Boy:

Hello, my name is Saleh and I am the Deputy Head Boy. I have been in Al Rabeeh School since FS1. The thing I like most about Al Rabeeh School is how kind the teachers are and the Principal is. I deserve to be the Deputy Head Boy because I will help others and always try to make the school a better place. I am looking forward to my last year in Al Rabeeh School being a very good year.

Deputy Head Girl:

Hello, my name is Fatima Al Falasi and I’m Deputy Head Girl this year. I have been in the school for four years and I like it more year after year. The best part of Al Rabeeh School are the teachers and my lovely friends. I think I deserve this role because I make sure everybody is safe, I am a great helper and I always look forward to every day at Al Rabeeh School.