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Policies & Procedures

Attendance and Punctuality
We strongly feel that poor attendance and punctuality prevents your child from achieving the success they deserve. We are monitoring attendance and punctuality very carefully. We should ask that you help your child capitalise on every opportunity to learn with his/her peers and teacher and ensure no school is missed.

  • Your child should attend school at 7.30am to assemble in their class lines, ready for the National Anthem
  • Your child should attend school unless genuinely ill
  • Sick notes should be given to the nurse so that absences can be registered as ‘authorised’
  • School attendance must not fall below 95%
  • If your child is absent, you should contact the school before 9am on the same day of the absence, to give the reason and inform administration of the expected number of days absence
  • Family holidays and travel days at the weekend should be planned to fall within the school day timings and school holidays, which are published at the start of the school year
  • If leave is required during term time for any reason, a written request should be submitted to the Principal at least one week ahead.
  • Medical appointments during the school day must not cause disruption to the work of staff and students and should be planned at the start or very end of the school day. Appointment cards must be seen by administration.
  • Homework and exam schedules will not be changed to suit individual families and holiday plans. It is important that students are in school to receive all the learning input and preparation to manage homework tasks and assessments to the best of their ability
  • Homework is not issued for sick children. It is more important that they rest and recover fully before returning to school
  • Please inform the school immediately if your child is suffering from a contagious condition such as mumps, measles or chickenpox.

Please let school know of any change in your personal or work telephone numbers and email addresses. These are required for communications in case of emergency or if your child is ill in school.

Please note that your telephone number/s are kept confidential and will not be given to anyone.

Please ensure we are aware of a priority mobile number for school SMS messages.

Appointments with Teachers
If you wish to meet with your child’s teacher, please phone the office to make an appointment. Appointments will be made at times when the teacher is not teaching. Twice a year parents are invited to attend Open Evenings to meet with the teachers.

Non Permittable Items
Please do not send children to school with toys, jewellery, money or mobile devices, as we are unable to take responsibility for any breakages or losses and the children themselves are distressed if their toys and money are lost. Jewellery can also be dangerous when they are playing on the equipment. Studs or sleepers only to be worn in pierced ears.

Money is only occasionally required in school (eg Book Fair, Charity Day). You will be informed at these times that your child can bring money.

Children may be invited to bring in mobile devices eg iPad to be used during supervised activities. We will encourage this as there are many activities and apps available which will enhance learning in the classroom. You will be notified of such activities in advance.

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