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Parental Engagement

Al Rabeeh School prides itself on creating effective home-school links to have a positive impact on the learning and development of its children.

The school continually recognises its parents (some of whom attended Al Rabeeh as pupils) and uses their ideas and feedback to positively enhance the school and improve enrichment activities.

The ‘Friends of Al Rabeeh’ meet regularly on Wednesday afternoons at 1pm and consists of a group of dedicated parents. They share their ideas and create plans to further develop the school and special events such as daily parent reading, National Day Celebrations and Book Week. They also support the school’s My Identity Program and help organise events and plan opportunities for our children to celebrate UAE culture and heritage.

Regular coffee mornings are organised so that parents can socialise and continue to strengthen the community feel and vibe around the school that Al Rabeeh strongly possesses.

One of the aims is to further develop a strong relationship between Al Rabeeh School and all of the parents. By doing this, it is hoped that this will enhance the children’s learning experiences at school and ensure that voices as a parent are heard and valued. Members

What do our parents say about being members of the Friends of Al Rabeeh?

“I love being part of the social collaboration between school and home.” Moza

“I have been attached to Al Rabeeh School since 2005 with my three daughters. I know how much Al Rabeeh wants to take care of their students and improve the level of education offered to my daughters. I feel that I can contribute to the effort in bringing the school to its highest level.” Noura

“I became a member because I like how the group works and I feel loyal to my children’s school. I want to do something for the school to let them know we support them all of the time. Also, it’s nice to meet the parents and school staff and develop good relationships with them.” Mariam

Key Events
Daily reading in the School Library 7:45am – 8:00am
National Day Celebrations – 28th November 2018
My Identity Day – 31st January 2019
Charity Week in February 2019
Book Week in March 2019

We are always looking for new members and for our parents to become more involved in school life. If you are able to help in any way, please contact Ms Anne by email anne.clampett@alrabeehschool.ae